TBSWEP Project

Temporal and Spatial Analysis of the Wave Energy Potential of the South-West Coasts of the Black Sea

EWEP - WEC Project

Determination of Energy (Economic Wave Energy Potential) to be Obtained by Existing Wave Energy Converters in High Potential Regions of the Black Sea

WSPEC - BAS Project

Spectral wave climates of the Black Sea and Azov Seas

Conditions of Access to Project Results

  1. Research is understood as any project / thesis / publication organized by a university, scientific institute or similar (private or institutional) for non-commercial research purposes only.
  2. Even if great care has been taken in producing the project results, it cannot be guaranteed that the data are correct in all conditions; No liability is accepted for any errors or omissions in any of the data or for any loss or damage resulting from its use.
  3. Any person using the project results accepts the responsibility to report these terms to all data users.
  4. Persons requesting data from the data set resulting from the project should not partially or completely provide the data they receive to third parties without permission from the project coordinator.
  5. Publications in any form, such as articles, papers or written scientific studies based on all or parts of the project results, should include a reference to the data obtained.

Project Participants

Except for the station-based results presented on this server, since the grid resolution is very thin, the spatial output for the project area that better represents the entire coastal zone is 2 hours, so all the desired information / results based on 31 years of data with 2-hour temporal resolution (for example, wave roses, annual, seasonal and monthly variations of wave height, current wave energy flux against wave height and period, extreme waves with different repetitions, etc.) can be derived and provided to users.

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